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Lancashire PA Hire

Aug 19, 2017

About this Project

After building a working relationship through our live sound hire and having brought in Darryl and his VOID Acoustics systems for some larger events we had undertaken (see Light at the Cross Roads as one example), we started to assist him with his website maintenance, including bringing all the technology behind the scenes up to date, creating a new theme with modern functionality, and taking over his search engine optimisation management.

This developed into the printed design of some new business cards (to include some updated contact details) and some flyers for his Party Pack hires.

We feel this is just another example of how all aspects of SoVeryAPT tie well together in that we’re now able to support each other with PA Hires as well as SoVeryAPT being able to make sure that both names get out there.

Take a look at the site here >>