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Burnley Pendle & Rossendale CVS

Oct 1, 2017

About this Project

Burnley, Pendle, & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services (or BPRCVS for short) provide high-quality services that promote and support effective and sustainable voluntary and community action in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale and the surrounding areas.

They offer support to our sister organisation, Harwes Farm CIC, as well as numerous other community groups in Burnley, Pendle, and Rossendale.  As such, when Harwes Farm CIC needed a banner creating for their new “Back to Nature” project (with funding obtained through BPRCVS), we hit a bit of a snag as the logos provided were not of a good enough quality for printing purposes.

As such, we set about finding the high-quality versions of the logos, and where not available, redrawing the logos within Adobe Illustrator to make sure we had the right standard.  Usually, this is something would be charged for, but on this occasion we opted to do it for free, as we were already supporting Harwes Farm CIC.  But then, as part of our community support, we took it a stage further and donated these vector versions back to BPRCVS for use by themselves and their other community groups, and needless to say, they were very grateful.